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The pure way of contraception (Ogyno system) is often a technique of contraception by monitoring a girl's menstrual cycle to be able to ascertain the day of ovulation - time when having sex is likely to generally be fertile (period) (unsafe problems) to stay away from intercourse today or use One more complementary method (for example condoms ...) for the duration of this time.

Topic of software

- Frequent menstrual cycle (28-30 days ± one-two times), have been followed for a minimum of 8 cycles

- With all the principle that the next 50 % with the ovulation time is considerably less modified as compared to the past 50 percent, it can be done to help make a spreadsheet obtainable for extended and short cycles.- Should the cycle has a relentless amount of times, just search for a horizontal line, for instance, In the event your typical period is thirty days, the day of ovulation will most likely drop within the 10th into the twentieth working day.

- Very easy to spread, easy to use, no media essential.

- Inexpensive, long run relevant.

- No closing date and no effect on wellbeing and fertility.


- Applies only to those with typical menstrual cycle or negligible chain.

- Contraceptive outcome is just not significant as the egg might ovulate abnormally.

- Not suitable for partners with superior frequency of intercourse.

- Can't be regarded as a big contraceptive process.


- If You're not sure, make use of a day-to-day tablet or perhaps a condom.

The basic principle of contraception and also Click here the periods of relative protection

Principles of contraception

- The ovule (eggs immediately after ovulation) can only Are living for 24 several hours or the fertilized particular person will die. Hence, counting with the day of ovulation backwards just after one working day and for more certainty, heading back 2 times won't be ready to conceive.

- Sperm live only 48 hrs: three times after ovulation will not be able to conceive.

- It's important to determine the working day of ovulation: In a girl using a 28-day menstrual cycle, the ovule could tumble from working day 11 to day sixteen right after the primary working day of menstruation; In other words, over the 17th for the 12th day of the subsequent cycle, 6 days additionally 3 times back, and 2 extra days afterwards together with 11 times of fertilization, referred to as unsafe day.

- So from the very first day of menstruation, the unsafe time is calculated from your 8th into the 18th working day and the opposite is the twentieth to the 10th day prior to menstruation.

The duration of relative protection

- Past portion: from working day one to working day 7: Rather Protected

- The middle component: through the 8th to your 18th working day: Unsafe working day

- The last section: Within the 18th into the twenty eighth working day: Certainly safe (if eggs only fall in the middle of the cycle)

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